Renaissance and Baroque Cluster


About the Renaissance and Baroque Cluster

The History of Art Department at the University of York constitutes a centre of remarkable academic strength for the study of art and architecture of the Early Modern period.

We are not formally constituted as a research school, but we have close ties to the University's Centre for Renaissance and early Modern Studies (CREMS). Likewise, we share events and staff with the Neapolitan Network

Our research

We have research expertise in the Renaissance and baroque in the following fields:

  • Italian Renaissance and baroque art and architecture
  • 15th- and 16th-century Netherlandish and German painting
  • Baroque architecture, urbanism, cartography, sculpture and painting
  • British early modern architecture
  • Flemish and French 17th-century painting
  • Interior decoration, prints, furniture, clothing, food in Renaissance and baroque Europe
  • Baroque theory

This range, together with the diversity of our approaches, places us at the forefront of the early modern art historical field.

Please see the web pages of individual academic staff for further details.

Postgraduate study

Such a cluster of overlapping and complementary research expertise within the Department makes for a particularly stimulating and supportive environment – especially for postgraduate study.

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Research staff

A friendly and approachable group of staff, we encourage students’ individual intellectual interests, while building on students’ previous experience, and fostering their development through sustained engagement with their work.

We also offer training and preparation in palaeography, and archival work, and engagement with theoretical and methodological problems.

Our staff

  • Anthony Geraghty
    British early modern architecture, architectural drawings and the practice of architecture
  • Helen Hills
    Baroque architecture, urbanism, cartography, sculpture and painting; baroque theory; inter-relationships between materiality and spirituality; religious devotion, gender, sexuality and art/ architecture; architectural theory
  • Karl Kinsella

    Text and image in the Middle Ages

  • Amanda Lillie
    15th and 16th century Italian art and architecture, including palaces, villas, and patronage of the arts; concepts of place, air, and the environment, memory of place, landscape and mentalités
  • Jeanne Nuechterlein
    15th century and 16th century Netherlandish and German painting, Holbein, interactions between different art forms, devotional practices and the impact of the Reformation
  • Cordula van Wyhe
    Material and visual culture in the sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Low Countries; especially in relation to political imagery, female spirituality, and court culture.


Research students

Current students

  • Helen York
    The Meaning of Hans Memling’s Landscapes

Recent students

  • Caroline Anderson
    Domestic Devotion and the Material Culture of Religion in Post-Renaissance Florence
  • Joanna O’Hara
    18thC British Architecture with special attention to the architectural drawings of Colen Campbell
  • Charlotte Poulton
  • Paintings of Music and their Liberation from istoria in 17thC Italy
  • Marie Prior
    Destruction, Rejection, Revival: The Gothic Bridge and Civic Identity in York and London, 1750 - 1881
  • Matthew Walker
    Architecture and Experimental Philosophy in Restoration England: The Case of Robert Hooke


Upcoming Events

  • 17 June 2015
    Naples at Compton Verney
    International symposium: painting and sculpture/volcano and violence/surface and skin

Past Events