Jo Applin and Amy Tobin Speaking at Edinburgh Conference

Posted on 19 February 2014

Jo Applin and PhD Candidate Amy Tobin will both be speaking at the 'Writing/Curating/Making Feminist Art Histories' conference in March hosted by the University of Edinburgh

Writing Curating Making

[T]he production of work on women artists requires the unwriting of patriarchal structures of art history.

Hilary Robinson (2001)

'Since the late 1960s, a renewed ‘second-wave’ of Euro-American feminist political organising has mounted a sustained intellectual enquiry that radically reconceived art and art historical knowledge. This two-day conference seeks to investigate the epistemological questions raised by feminist scholars when we claim to write, curate, or make feminist art and art history. Open to researchers across every field of arts production, it is hoped that this conference will allow scholars to share the questions, doubts, and successes encountered in their own practice, as well as fundamentally interrogating the notion of feminism as a tool of intellectual activism:  What is a feminist art history, or art historical intervention? Where is feminist art history produced? What could a feminist art history look like? If, as Robinson suggests, feminist historiography requires the unwriting of previous historical models, how should we produce art and its histories today?

The conference comprises a series of 5 panel sessions, each session featuring a keynote speaker alongside open-submission papers. Session keynotes include: Dr Jo Applin (University of York), Dr Katja Kobolt (Humboldt University Berlin), Dr Lara Perry (University of Brighton), and Prof Hilary Robinson (University of Middlesex). The conference will conclude with an extensive roundtable discussion on the second afternoon, chaired by Dr Angela Dimitrakaki (University of Edinburgh) and Victoria Horne (University of Edinburgh). Extending earlier debates that took place as part of research workshops organised in 2012 and 2013, the roundtable event is designed to foster less formal dialogue around the issues of producing feminist art histories.'

The conference is hosted by the University of Edinburgh and runs from 27-28 March.  If you would like to book a place, please register by March 1st.