Deconstructing Saint-Riquier: text, image and archaeology at an early medieval monastery

Paul Petau Saint-Riquier

Tuesday 21 January 2014, 5.30PM

Speaker(s): Dr Eric Cambridge (Durham)

For over a century the monastery of Centula (the present-day Saint-Riquier) has generally been presented as one of the archetypal sites for understanding the interplay between early medieval architecture and liturgy, while its principal church is often seen as a seminal building in the development of Carolingian architecture. Yet more recent literature reflects increasing unease about how securely based such traditional interpretations actually are.  This seminar will attempt to unravel the combination of textual, graphic, and archaeological evidence which underpins those assumptions and will explore alternative ways in which the various strands of evidence might interrelate to one another.

Location: Centre for Medieval Studies, Room KG/33, King's Manor