Displaying Victorian Sculpture Symposium

Wednesday 13 June 2012, 10.30AM to 5pm

The Colour of Sculpture  Chair: Jason Edwards
Michael Hatt (University of Warwick), 'The Colour White: Sculpture and Polychromy in Mid-Victorian Britain'
Desiree de Chaire (University of Warwick), 'Chryselephantine: Richard Cockle Lucas's Mid Victorian Coloured Ivories'
Charlotte Drew (University of York), 'Revising the Renaissance: Luca della Robbia at the South Kensington Museum'

Commemoration  Chair: Sarah Turner
Eoin Martin (University of Warwick),' Framing Victoria: Royal Portraiture and Architectural Sculpture in Victorian Britain'
Jason Edwards (University of York), 'A Monumental Place to Perch: Thomas Woolner's Captain Cook for Sydney'

The Production and Display of Marble  Chair: Michael White
Gabriel Williams (University of York), 'Markets for Polished Marble, c. 1850'
Claire Jones (University of York),'Variations in Reproduction and Display: Waldo Story's Fallen Angel (1887) and (1889)'

To be followed by a roundtable discussion

Coffee and a buffet lunch will be provided.
Spaces are limited; if you would like to attend, please contact Claire Jones

For further information please download a schedule Displaying Victorian Sculpture Symposium (PDF , 217kb)

Location: King's Manor K/111

Admission: Free

Email: claire.jones@york.ac.uk