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Dissertation Training Module


The year-long Dissertation Training module at Stage 2 equips students to embark on their Stage 3 dissertation/bridge essay, the culimation of the undergraduate degree. Through a combination of large and small group workshops, VLE work and independent research, this module guides students through the process of generating initial dissertation ideas, identifying which ideas appear most promising, refining a topic, developing an independent approach to their material, and defining a programme of research and writing. Students will be encouraged to think independently and imaginatively in developing their research interests, and at the same time they will discover the rigorous steps necessary to bring their ideas to fruition.

At the end of the module, students submit a portfolio laying out a proposed topic and plan of action for their dissertation or bridge essay. By devoting time in Stage 2 to developing topic ideas and honing research skills, students will emerge well prepared to tackle the largely independent process of dissertation/bridge essay research and writing in Stage 3.


At the end of this module students will have:

  • learned how to devise and articulate a suitable dissertation topic
  • learned how to conduct a successful research campaign 
  • honed their bibliographical and presentation skills

Sappho, Roman fresco from Regio VI (insula occidentalis) in Pompeii.

Module code HOA00005I