Enchanted Modernities


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Please check these web pages for any changes or updates to the programme closer to the time of the conference as we will publish any alterations to the programme here.
  • The duration of speakers' papers will be 20 minutes each with 10 minutes for questions following.

Day 1 - Wednesday 25 September

8.00-8.50                  Registration (Singelkerk)

9.00-10.30                Session 1 (Singelkerk)

                                     Welcome (Singelkerk)

                                Keynote Address: Raphael Rosenberg (University of Vienna)
                                 ‘Mapping the Aura in the Spirit of Art and Art Theory: Blavatsky,                                   Leadbeater, Besant, and Steiner’

                                 view abstract

                                Chair: Sarah V. Turner (University of York)

10.30-11.00                *Coffee break * (Singelkerk)

11.00-13.00                Session 2 (Doelenzaal, UvA Library; Singelkerk)

                                 Panel 2A: Early abstraction / art institutions & 2B: Architecture and                                  applied arts

13.00-14.00                *Lunch* (Singelkerk)

14.00-15.30                Session 3 (Doelenzaal, UvA Library; Singelkerk)

                                 Panel 3A: Symbolism & 3B: Music 1

15.30-16.00                *Coffee Break* (Doelenzaal, UvA Library; Singelkerk) 

16.00-18.00                Session 4 (Doelenzaal, UvA Library; Singelkerk)

                                 Panel 4A:Eastern and Southern Europe & 4B: Australia, Canada, and Mexico

18.00-19.30                Launch of Abraxas 4 (Fulgur Press), intoduction to the Friends of                                          Theosophical Archives (FOTO) and welcome reception                                                          (Singelkerk)                                               

Day 2 - Thursday 26 September

10.00-12.30                Visits to the Amsterdam Centre of the Theosophical Society and the                                   Ritman Library                                

14.00-16.00                 Session 5 (Doelenzaal, UvA Library; Singelkerk)

                                  Panel 5A: The Baltic region & 5B: Music 2

16.00-16.30                 *Coffee Break* (Doelenzaal, UvA Library; Singelkerk)

16.30-18.00                 Session 6 (Doelenzaal, UvA Library; Singelkerk)

                                  Panel 6A: India and Japan & 6B: Performing arts

20.00-21.30                 Session 7 (Stedelijk Museum)

                                  Note: Admittance to the Stedelijk for Session 7 is free to conference                                               attendees when you show your conference badge. Members of the public     
                                  must register and purchase a ticket by visiting the Stedelijk event page.

                                  Keynote Address: Linda Dalrymple Henderson (University of Texas,                                            Austin)

                                       'Rethinking Theosophy in its early 20th-century context’

                                       view abstract

                                       Chair: Marco Pasi (University of Amsterdam)

                                  Roundtable dialogue with artists and scholars
                                  Theosophy and the spiritual in modern and contemporary art
                                  Coordinated by Marco Pasi (University of Amsterdam) and                                   Sarah V. Turner (University of York) with the participation of Linda                                                 Dalrymple Henderson, Frederik Söderberg and Christine Ödlund

Day 3 - Friday 27 September

9.00-10.30                 Session 8 (Doelenzaal, UvA Library; Singelkerk)

                                 Panel 8A: Great Britain and Ireland & 8B: The influence of Rudolf                                  Steiner

10.30-11.00                *Coffee Break* (Doelenzaal, UvA Library; Singelkerk)

11.00-12.30                Session 9 (Doelenzaal, UvA Library; Singelkerk)

                                 Panel 9A: Visual arts: Germany and France & 9B: Music 3

12.30-13.30                * Lunch* (Singelkerk)

13.30-15.00                Session 10 (Doelenzaal, UvA Library; Singelkerk)

                                 Panel 10A: Rationalism, mysticism and surrealism & 10B: North                                  America

15.00-15.30                *Coffee Break* (Doelenzaal, UvA Library; Singelkerk) 

15.30-16.30                Session 11 (Singelkerk)

                          Plenary Open Access session
                          Discussion led by Demetrius Waarsenburg (KNAW; University of                           Amsterdam) (tbc) with conference organizers, Marco Pasi and Sarah                           Turner

16.30-18.00                Session 12 (Singelkerk)

                                  Keynote Address: Anna Gawboy (Ohio State University, USA)             
                                 ‘Synaesthesia imagined, synaesthesia revealed’

                                  view abstract

                                  Chair: Christopher Scheer (Utah State University)

Conference Close

20.30-22.00                 Exceptional Concert with Luciano Chessa at the Italian Institiute of                                   Culture Amsterdam (Keizersgracht 564) - Chessa will perform music by                                       G. Scelsi, G. Chiari, R. Sender Barayón, S. Bussotti, and L. Chessa    
                                  (to register for this concert email iicamsterdam@esteri.it, be quick to avoid                                       disappointment as places are limited. Entrance is free of charge.)