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Getting to the Conference

From Schiphol Airport  - you can take the train to Amsterdam Central Station which leaves from tracks 1-2 or 3 and takes around 18 minutes to arrive in Amsterdam.

Useful websites for travel:

9292 Your Travel Partner (for general travel within the Netherlands)

     The Official Website of the Dutch Railways
     Tram tickets:

     You can purchase a disposable chipcard from the driver, ticket conductor, or from the Ticket Vending        Machine in metro stations. For example, you purchase a card that is valid to travel for an hour (2,80          EUR) or the entire day (7,50).  
     Fare Information

     Travel using a chipcard and points of sale

     Maps Trams/Metro/Bus etc. in Amsterdam (there will also be a tram/metro/bus map in your    
     conference pack)
Interactive Map
     The link below can be used to calculate directions for travel by car, foot or public transport between any      of the marked venues, simply select the venue, then directions and type in the location you wish to travel      to. This might be particularly helpful for travel between your accommodation and the venues (for travel      between the venues see directions within the interactive map or listed below)

    Interactive Google Map showing relative location of conference venues

Individual Venues


The Singelkerk will be one of the main venues for the conference, registration will take place here on Day 1 of the conference (Wednesday 25 September) between 08.00 and 08.50.

Singelkerk Address

How to find the Singelkerk

From Amsterdam Central Station  - you can walk to the Singelkerk (Singel 452, Amsterdam), where registration will take place on Day 1 of the conference or you can take a tram. Trams # 1, 2 or 5 have been diverted, but you can take Trams # 5, 4, 9, 14, 16, 24, 25 to stop ‘Spui (Rokin)’. This is the stop after Dam Square and the SECOND stop after Central Station.

Doelenzaal, University of Amsterdam

The Doelenzaal Library, UvA is where the parallel panels will take place. This venue is just across the street from the Singelkerk; walk diagonally, south east across the plaza.

How to find the Doelenzaal Library

Stedelijk Museum

The Stedelijk Museum will be the venue for our second Keynote address, Abraxas 4 launch and welcome reception which will be held on the evening of Thursday 26th September 2013.

Note: Admittance to the Keynote and artists and scholars round table is free to conference attendees when you show your conference badge. Members of the public must register and purchase a ticket by visiting the Stedelijk event page.

How to find the Stedelijk Museum

To get from the city center to the Stedelijk Museum take Tram # 5 (in direction of Amstelveen Binnenhof) or 16 (in direction of Boelelaan/VU).

The J. R. Ritman Library

There will be organised visits to the Ritman Library

How to find the Ritman Library

Because of all the temporary redirections there is no easy way to get to the Singelkerk by public transport. The easiest thing to do now is to walk from the Ritman to the Singelkerk. However, if you have difficulties with walking this distance, you can order a taxi. The best number to call is: +31(0) 20 7777777 Website: http://www.tcataxi.nl/en/home.html.

The Theosophical Society Library

There will be organised visits to the Theosophical Society Library.

How to find the TS Library

To reach the Singelkerk from the TS Library go to bus/tram stop Lutmastraat (http://9292.nl/amsterdam/bus-tramhalte-lutmastraat) and take Tram # 4 (direction Central Station). Stop at Spui http://9292.nl/amsterdam/bus-tramhalte-spui-rokin) and walk to the Singelkerk from there.


Go to Bus/tram stop Ceintuurbaan/Van Woustraat (http://9292.nl/amsterdam/bus-tramhalte-ceintuurbaan-van-woustraat) and take Tram # 25 (in direction of Central Station). Stop at Spui and walk to the Singelkerk from there.