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TRaining to Improve pArticipant recruitment into randomised controLled trIalS (TRIALISt)

Why are we doing this study?

Many strategies are used by trial teams to improve participant recruitment into randomised controlled trials; however few have been found to be effective. Most recruitment strategies also focus on patients being recruited, rather than the staff who are recruiting. Recruitment has been identified as the number one priority for methodological research; within this the training of staff recruiting patients has been highlighted as the top priority topic for research.

Our overall aim is to develop and pilot test a short training course for staff recruiting participants into surgical trials.

What methods are we using?

To develop the course, we will review the literature and identify the training needs of staff involved in recruiting participants to trials, using qualitative methods and an online questionnaire survey. The course will be developed by experienced researchers at York Trials Unit, in conjunction with University of York’s Continuing Professional Development department and the NIHR Clinical Research Network. We will then assess the feasibility and acceptability of the training course by delivering it in a pilot to staff recruiting participants into surgical trials.

Are you interested in attending the short training course?

If you are interested in attending the training course you can find out more details in this Participant Information Leaflet (PDF , 471kb).

Project details

Funder: The Wellcome Trust [ref: 204829] through the Centre for Future Health (CFH) at the University of York.
Sponsor: University of York

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YTU Team

External Collaborators

  • Rebecca Dodgson, Continuing Professional Development, University of York
  • Emily McDougal, NIHR Clinical Research Network


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