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Yorkshire Lung Screening Trial (YLST)

Lung cancer is the biggest cancer killer in Yorkshire, with most patients presenting with advanced, incurable disease. Checking people at high risk of lung cancer with regular scans (screening) detects early, curable cancer and reduces deaths by one fifth. Lung cancer screening is not currently available in the UK, and it is not clear exactly which people would most benefit.

Screening high-risk patients with low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) reduced lung cancer mortality by 20% in a large US trial. Unresolved issues for UK implementation include clarification of which high-risk group should be invited for screening to maximise efficacy and cost-effectiveness, and how to improve participation by reducing barriers to screening. The Yorkshire Lung Screening Trial will evaluate a community-based screening programme in mobile units across Leeds through a Zelen's design study, allowing assessment of the overall effect of screening across the population. Three proposed strategies to identify high risk patients for screening will be prospectively compared for the first time.

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