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Tutor Trust is a not-for-profit social enterprise (and a registered charity) based in Manchester offering high-quality, flexible, affordable and professional tuition. In a previous efficacy trial of Tutor Trust employing a quasi-experimental design, the impact of tuition on learning was unclear. A randomised controlled trial can better answer the question as to whether the Tutor Trust tuition model delivers improvements in children's KS2 maths outcomes.


A full-scale two-arm effectiveness cluster-randomised controlled trial of Tutor Trust tuition for KS2 maths. Children in Year 6 will be randomised to one of two groups;

1) Intervention (twelve one hour sessions with a Tutor Trust tutor)
2) Business as usual (control)

Aims and Objectives

The primary aim of the evaluation is to investigate the effectiveness of the Tutor Trust maths tuition delivery model on KS2 maths attainment.

Outcome measures

KS2 Maths

KS2 English

Process evaluation

The primary aim of the process evaluation will be to monitor implementation fidelity, to describe in detail the processes involved for settings in implementing the intervention and to explain the impact of the intervention on pupil’s maths attainment at the end of the trial period. It will also explore the perceptions and experiences of all relevant stakeholders.

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Funder:  Education Endowment Foundation
Start Date: April 2016
End Date:  March 2018


Internal Staff

External Collaborators

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