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EVerT2- Effective Verruca Treatments

This study is now complete. The results paper can be read here

Aim of the trial

Verrucae are extremely common, and are experienced by most people at some time during their lives. Although most verrucae will spontaneously disappear without treatment, many patients seek treatment, often because they have persisted for many years, are unsightly or painful or have prevented them from doing sports or other activities. There are many different treatments available but there is little good quality evidence to tell us which is the most effective treatment. 

One treatment is the Falknor’s needling procedure. There has only been one very small trial evaluating how effective the treatment. But there hasn't been any work done to tell us if the treatment is cost effective. The EVerT2 trial aims to find out if the needling procedure works and if it is cost effective.

The protocol for this study has been published in the BMJ Open. Please follow the link:


Funder(s) The University of Salford 
Start date: March 2015
Expiry date: December 2016


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