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PROMETHEUS was a major national programme of research funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC) to facilitate the routine embedding of a methodology research study within planned host trials. Studies Within A Trial (SWAT) methodology was used to build the evidence base on participant recruitment and retention in trials, and over 40 SWATs were embedded.

Following the success of the PROMETHEUS, additional funding has been received from the NIHR to extend the project. This funding enables the PROMETHEUS team to provide ongoing support to research teams at all stages of embedding a SWAT at no cost to teams. Support includes:

  • Protocol development
  • Research ethics application advice
  • SWAT intervention selection
  • Reporting and publication guidance

Templates and text for protocols, ethics applications and example publications are available. Please contact the PROMETHEUS team on for further information.

How to apply for a PROMETHEUS award

Unfortunately, PROMETHEUS can no longer accept applications requesting funding however ongoing support is available to all trial teams as detailed above. 

Teams wishing to submit a SWAT as part of a brand new funding application to the NIHR should consider applying to the NIHR SWAT programme. If you are considering this, we would be happy to help you build a SWAT into your new proposal.

SWATs that received funding from PROMETHEUS

For information about the host trials that we have funded to implement a SWAT, please see 'PROMETHEUS funded host trials (PDF , 985kb)

Press release

For further details about PROMETHEUS please see the following press release.

Frequently asked questions about SWATs

For general information about SWATs and how they can be implemented in your trial, please see the SWATs Frequently Asked Questions (MS Word , 26kb).

Project details


Medical Research Council

Grant number MR/R013748/1

Sponsor: University of York
Start date: 1st April 2018
End date: 30th September 2020


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To contact the PROMETHEUS team, please email: Alternatively you can contact individual team members using the contact details below:

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