Accessibility statement

British Heart Foundation Clinical Research Collaborative

The BHF Clinical Research Collaborative is an exciting initiative to promote the quantity and quality of clinical trials in the field of cardiovascular research ( The York Trials Unit is pleased to be a collaborator in promoting this programme of research. We have worked with a large number of clinicians to help design, conduct and deliver a wide diversity of trials including: trials of cardiac rehabilitation, morphine for chronic heart failure, rapid access to chest pain clinics and oxygen for patients with heart failure.

We support grant proposals which are prioritised on the following key criteria.

  • Does the work address an important question to patients and clinicians?
  • Does it address a clear gap in knowledge?
  • What is the feasibility of the proposed clinical trial?
  • What is the potential to secure funding?

Prioritisation of topics is undertaken by a panel of senior staff members. In evaluating the importance of the question we will take into account previous evidence (ideally through the use of a systematic review), the priorities of patients, carers and clinicians as identified through research priority initiatives such as the James Lind Alliance.

Cardiac Trials at YTU


  • FARSTER: Feasibility Study of Early Outpatient Review and Early Cardiac Rehabilitation After Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting


  • Home Oxygen Trials (HOT) for breathlessness in heart failure patients
  • Psychological intervention for defibrillator patients
  • Morphine for breathlessness in heart failure
  • Angina rehabilitation delivered by nurses
  • Pre-habilitation for cardiac surgery
  • Rapid access chest clinics

The Team

The team draws on the wider expertise of the researchers within YTU depending on the requirements of individual grant applications.