Independent Evaluation of Calderdale Excellence Partnership's Improving Writing Quality Programme

The York Trials Unit (YTU) has been appointed as an independent evaluator by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF). In collaboration with Durham University, the YTU has been funded by the EEF to independently evaluate 3 interventions aimed to improve the writing skills of pupils during the transition from Primary School (Year 6) to Secondary School (Year 7), especially the writing skills of pupils who are currently working below nationally expected levels. The funding began in January 2013 for 12 months.

This project will evaluate the Improving Writing Quality intervention being delivered and supported by the Calderdale Excellence Partnership in 2013. The intervention provides memorable experiences for participating pupils and includes professional development for teachers in key elements of the writing intervention Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD), including discussion, modelling and planning.

The study will be a pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trial. Approximately 24 primary schools (feeding into 3 secondary schools) will be randomly allocated to be offered the intervention either in 2013 (intervention group) or in 2014 (control group). In primary schools allocated to receive the intervention, the intervention will be delivered to all pupils in Year 6. When pupils move in to Year 7, secondary schools will deliver the intervention to pupils from intervention Primary Schools who were predicted to achieve Level 3 or an insecure Level 4 in English (based on teacher predictions made in the autumn term of Year 6).

At the end of autumn term 2013 all Year 7 pupils in participating secondary schools will complete the GL Assessment Progress in English (PiE) 11 (Long Form). The Progress in English results of pupils who have taken part in the intervention will then be compared with the results of pupils who received usual teaching, in order to estimate the effect the intervention has had on pupils’ writing skills.

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Funder(s): Education Endowment Foundation (EEF)
Start Date:  January 2013
Expiry Date:  December 2013


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