Independent Evaluation of Project Teensleep: A Factorial Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial

The York Trials Unit (YTU) has been appointed as an independent evaluator by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) to evaluate the Teensleep project. The evaluation will assess the impact, primarily on pupils’ GCSE grades, of improving sleep through sleep education and introducing a later school day for GCSE students. The evaulation will be supported by the University of Oxford (the developers of the intervention).

The study will use a pragmatic two-by-two factorial design and aims to recruit approximately 100 schools across the UK. Schools will be randomised to one of four groups:

  • a group to implement delayed school start-times
  • a group to provide sleep education
  • a group to implement delayed school start-times and provide sleep education
  • a group to continue as usual.

This will allow the effects of delaying school start times and sleep education to be investigated, both separately and together, on academic outcome and wellbeing.

During the academic year 2016/2017 pupils in Years 10 and 11 will receive sleep education. Year 10 pupils will continue to receive sleep education when they move into Year 11 in the 2017/2018 academic year. This will enable researchers to assess whether a single year of intervention (i.e., Year 11) is sufficient for improvements in academic performance or whether two years (Years 10 and 11) make a bigger difference. 

During the academic year 2017/2018 pupils in Year 11 will start lessons at 10am rather than the usual 9am. 

Due to the disruption caused by changing the school-day timing, the project will have a long recruitment phase to ascertain whether or not it is possible to recruit schools to the study. 


Funder(s): Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and Welcome Trust
Start Date: January 2015
Expiry Date: September 2018 (Trial closed down)

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