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Randomised Controlled Trials in the Social Sciences - Ninth Annual Conference

10th, 11th and 12th September 2014

We are pleased to announce the ninth annual RCTs in the Social Sciences conference. The conference will be an opportunity for delegates to share expertise, interests, and concerns about conducting trials in all fields of social sciences.

The conference will be held on 10th, 11th and 12th September 2014 in the ARRC Building at the University of York and is jointly organised by Professor David Torgerson (University of York, York Trials Unit, Department of Health Sciences), Professor Karen Bloor (University of York, Department of Health Sciences) and Professor Carole Torgerson (Durham University, School of Education).

This conference will include keynote and invited presentations from national and international speakers and contributed presentations on all aspects of randomised trials in the social sciences. There will be an opportunity for delegates to discuss their own trials at a one-hour surgery.

The conference will be followed by a free workshop (12th September) on measurement, measurement error and randomised trials. This has been jointly organised by Professor Doug Altman (University of Oxford, Centre for Statistics in Medicine) and Professor Martin Bland (University of York, Department of Health Sciences).


The following presentations were given at the 2014 Randomised Controlled Trials Conference and are available to download

Wednesday 10th September

Thursday 11th September  

  • Invited Speakers: BIS Presentation – Stephanie Walker and Khalid Khan The increasing importance of RCTs in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills using Growth Vouchers as a case study. Please contact Stephanie Walker ( for further information about this presentation.
  • Elizabeth Burroughs (MS PowerPoint , 1,827kb) - Randomised Controlled Trials to Study Mathematics Classroom Coaching in Elementary Schools
  • Jessica Deshler (MS PowerPoint , 415kb) -   Examining Interventions to Reduce Stereotype: Threat in Undergraduate Mathematics
  • Evelin Herbein and Julia Schiefer - Talking about Science – With Others and to Others:  Evaluation of Two Enrichment Courses for Gifted Primary School Children.  Please contact either Evelin Herbein ( or Julia Schiefer (julia.schiefer@uni-tuebingen.d) for further information about this presentation
  • Giovanni Abbiati and Carlo Barone (MS PowerPoint , 172kb) - Does Information Matter?  The Effects of an Educational Guidance Program for High-School Seniors on Beliefs on the Value of Higher Education and on Enrolment Plans.
  • Carole Torgerson (MS PowerPoint , 8,656kb) What Works ….. and Who Listens?  Encouraging the Experimental Evidence Base in Education and the Social Sciences
  • Caroline Fairhurst (MS PowerPoint , 1,824kb) - Statistical Methods to Manage Treatment Non-Compliance in RCTs with Time-to-Event Outcomes (VenUS IV Trial)
  • Georgina Walker and Sarah Heilmann (PDF , 978kb) - Four Real World Randomised Controlled Trials Evaluating Innovative Programmes Designed to Prevent Children’s Pathways into Crime