Patient and Public Involvement

Welcome to the Department of Health Sciences' service user and carer (also called patient and public involvement) webpages. Here we set out our commitment to involving members of the public who use health services, or care for those who do, in the design, delivery and evaluation of health professional education in the department, and also show how we will go about doing this.

What is service user and carer involvement?

In the Department of Health Sciences, we consider service users and carers to be anyone who has used, or is eligible to use, health and social care services, or someone who has cared for another person using these services. These services could include doctors’ surgeries, hospitals, care received at home, or care received somewhere in the community such as a day centre.

In order to move towards a way of caring for patients and their families or carers in partnership with them, we also need to design and deliver our educational programmes together with them. We need their input on what and how we teach our students, so that this partnership of care can begin as soon as a student begins to study with us. We believe that this will enable our students to develop the right values, knowledge and attitudes to support those they care for and their families, with the ultimate aim of putting the person at the centre of care.

Service user and carer involvement in the Department of Health Sciences

We are committed to involving service users and carers in the design, delivery and evaluation of our health professional education programmes (our nursing and midwifery degree courses, and continuous professional development courses that we run and which are undertaken by nurses and midwives once they enter the workplace). This means that we need the views of service users and carers to help shape our courses, to help us deliver them, and also to help us look at how successful they have been afterwards. We consider this to be an important part of how our courses are developed at all levels.

Our health professional education programmes (including nursing and midwifery degree courses) have established partnerships with local people and several local and national user or carer groups and organisations which regularly contribute to our learning and teaching activities. These groups help us with tasks such as interviewing students and the development of lessons that students participate in. They are also involved in classroom teaching and student assessment.

Get in touch

If you are a service user or carer, or a member of a group/organisation that represents or supports service users or carers, and want to know how you can become involved in our health professional education programmes, please contact Beth Hardy for an informal discussion on 01904 321631 or email