Accessibility statement

Elective Placements

Elective request forms and guidance notes are updated for each cohort and are emailed to students’ University email accounts approx 8/9 months prior to the elective placement.

For information concerning the options and processes involved, please see the elective placements presentation below:-

Students who are considering exploring ‘external’ elective opportunities i.e. U.K. placements outside of the Yorkshire & Humber region or Overseas, will need to complete a Preparatory Form, copies of which are below for information. However, students who are at the point of planning electives should request these directly from the allocations team who can then offer specific advice (if appropriate) and track progress.

Overseas Placement Agencies

The University does not promote individual companies who organise work volunteer projects overseas but are willing to include their websites to point students towards organisations who have been utilised by previous students or who may be suitable for students to explore. These are:-

The Department of Health Sciences recommend that you do not enter into discussions or negotiations with Student Exchange Africa (email format 'name' due to previous concerns regarding this organisation's working practices.

UK Placement Providers with Specific Elective Policies

Occasionally organisations within the UK request that their individual elective placement policies are made available to students. Please see information below:-

Students interested in an elective placement within Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust should approach Rachel McGowan (Practice Learning Facilitator) by email