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Practice Experience Evaluation

Why do we evaluate practice?

One of the most important quality assurance mechanisms the University and our practice experience partners possess is student evaluation.  Students are often able to point out issues the staff and the link lecturers may have missed due to their familiarity with the area.  This makes students’ feedback essential to improve and refine our approach to practice. 

Why is it important to evaluate on line?

Paper evaluations are really useful but only allow us a snapshot of the individual student’s experience in that one area.  Evaluations on line allow the Department to look across different students’ experience of not only that single practice area but entire trusts. This allows us to identify not just individual issues but also patterns across organisations which the Department and practice partners may work together to improve.

So, how do I evaluate on line?

Practice experience can be evaluated on line at

For instructions on how to register onto the site and how to complete an evaluation students are advised to read the student instructions - PPQA Student Guidelines (PDF , 145kb)

What do I do with the evaluation once I have completed it?

The website allows you to print a receipt for each evaluation and this receipt should be produced as evidence of completion to the appropriate practice module leader.

Who can help if I get in a muddle?

If you have any queries about this site or cannot find your practice experience area please send an e-mail to

See Flowchart - Escalating Concern from Student Evaluations (PDF , 214kb)