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PCMIS for IAPT services

PCMIS for IAPT services

Leaders and innovators in IAPT software

PCMIS has been at the cutting edge of mental healthcare technology since the Department of Health chose the system to support IAPT Pathfinder sites in 2006.

Working with IAPT services across the country ever since, we have the experience and expertise necessary to support your Adult IAPT service. PCMIS is able to help you effectively and efficiently manage high volumes of individual patient data through stepped care.

Tailored for IAPT

PCMIS is tailored to meet the IAPT minimum dataset requirements and provides real-time information on patient outcomes, clinical supervision, psychological treatment regimes, clinical staff and patient contact activity levels, outcome feedback and treatment plans.

We have a proven track record for exceeding targets for data completeness.

As the first patient information system to be developed with automatic alerts, PCMIS prompts clinicians, supervisors and managers to review cases quickly and safely, providing a reliable support to overview clinical decision making.

PCMIS offers you:

  • Efficient collection of a wide range of patient outcome data
  • Evidence-based clinical tools to improve efficiency and effectiveness of treatment regimes
  • The highest standards of reporting targets for data completeness
  • A range of reports designed for IAPT services:
    • IAPT Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports
    • IAPT national Minimum Data Set submission reports
    • IAPT Employment Support
    • IAPT data quality metrics report
    • IAPT KPI demographics report

To meet your IAPT requirements, PCMIS:

  • Collects patient demographics in a secure, easy-to-use electronic form
  • Collects IAPT care pathway data simply and effectively, session-by-session
  • Collects contact level data to meet both national and local reporting requirements
  • Meets individual reporting standards by ensuring all PCMIS data are exportable to Microsoft Excel

Contact us to hear more about how PCMIS can help your IAPT service improve outcomes, reduce paperwork and increase efficiency.

The PCMIS Story

PCMIS was pioneered by the University of York's Mental Health Research Group that models, develops, measures and tests new ways of organising treatment for people with mental health problems.

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Rich Features

PCMIS is designed to suit your specific needs, be they extra datasets, customised reports, configured alerts and more. Its web-based platform allows us to modify and configure your system remotely.

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Excellent Support

Our service desk provides dedicated support by phone: 01904 321 322 and email. We provide flexible system training and documentation to end-users and frequently upgrade and improve PCMIS.

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