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Reduce risk and improve treatment responses with Outcome Feedback

Outcome Feedback is 'Expected Treatment Response' technology. Proven to reduce risk, it is designed to improve patient outcomes and help reduce treatment costs for psychological therapy services.

Outcome Feedback has been developed in partnership with world leading mental health researchers and clinicians. Watch our video to find out how Outcome Feedback works...

The Benefits of using Outcome Feedback (OF)

For patients

  • Reduced risk of deterioration in complex cases by up to 73%, and by 48% for all patients treated using OF
  • Reduced number of treatment sessions required to achieve outcomes similar to those treated without OF
  • Keeps patients engaged and see positive results sooner
  • Empowers patients to be more involved with their care due to collaborative approach encouraged by OF

For healthcare providers and staff

  • Cost savings - as the video demonstrates, the cost of treatment per person is significantly lower when using OF
  • Improved efficiency through reducing the treatment sessions required to see change in patient symptoms
  • Strengthen patient - therapist relationship through collaboration and ongoing discussion
  • Reduced risk - Quickly identify those "not on track" and take action

The Evidence for using Outcome Feedback

Two clinical trials have taken place within NHS England's Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme

  • A quasi-experimental trial in Leeds IAPT service, published in 2017. Read the findings
  • A large scale randomised control trial in 8 NHS Trusts published by Lancet Psychiatry in 2018. Read the findings

We are currently undertaking a Health Economics Evaluation of Outcome Feedback using the large trial data to further establish the cost savings available if Outcome Feedback is implemented nationally in NHS IAPT services. We should be publishing results in late 2019.


Find out more

Check out our IAPT Case Study

Dr Jon Wheatley, Clinical Lead at Talk Changes IAPT in Hackney, London, talks through their implementation of Outcome Feedback...


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Lead researcher Dr Jaime Delgadillo (University of Sheffield) discusses Outcome Feedback with the Mental Health Foundation...



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Using Outcome Feedback can benefit your patients, lower costs and improve efficiency for your Service, contact us at enquiries@pcmis.com to find out more.

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