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PCMIS supporting Universities UK 'Stepchange' - new framework to help improve student mental health

PCMIS and the Mental Health and Addiction Research Group (MHARG) working on 'whole university' approach pilot, assisting with data collection to support improving student mental health.

Image: University of York/John Houlihan

Now more than ever, the focus in Mental Health is on prevention. Charities, think tanks, governmental departments and researchers are focused on how we can educate, support and engage with young people to try to ensure their mental health does not prevent them from living fulfilling lives and maximising their potential.

University can be a time of great upheaval, uncertainty and pressure, which is why student mental health is currently receiving lots of media coverage.

Universities UK, a charity representing and supporting the UK university sector, understands that universities play a hugely important role and should 'adopt mental health as a strategic priority, implementing a whole university approach' in order to safeguard the wellbeing of their student population and whole university community.

In September 2017 they launched stepchange, their vision for mental health in higher education. With recommendations for how universities can understand and approach mental health, this new framework not only sets out key steps for universities to take in changing their culture, but also places an emphasis on harnessing data, focusing on evidence-based interventions as a means of identifying and adapting successful practice.

Which is where PCMIS come on board.

As part of our work providing case management solutions to the HE sector, PCMIS work closely with Open Door, the University of York's mental health support team. PCMIS provides the Open Door team with the tools to manage their caseload effectively, maintain high-quality, accurate date, and report on their work to the University board.

From 2017 onward the University of York, along with the University of the West of England, Bristol, and Cardiff University, will pilot implementation of the 'whole university' approach set out in the Universities UK stepchange framework.

We are pleased to announce that PCMIS, alongside the Dept of Health Sciences' MHARG (Mental Health and Addiction Research Group) are part of this pilot, led by University of the West of England, assisting in the collection of data to support improving student mental health.

Read more about stepchange

Read more about the work PCMIS HE do with University and HEI student support services or contact us at enquiries@pcmis.com.


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