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PCMIS shortlisted for prestigious Healthcare Business awards

The Medilink North of England Healthcare Business Awards 2020 have shortlisted PCMIS in two categories for our successful partnerships with NHS mental health services.

In association with Insider Media Limited, these prestigious awards recognise the intersection of industry, academia and the NHS so vital to the health and wellbeing of the region.

PCMIS have been shortlisted for our work developing and implementing Outcome Feedback technology, a groundbreaking treatment response tool, within NHS Improving Access to Psychological Therapy (IAPT) services. We are delighted to be shortlisted and recognised for our collaboration with leading mental health researchers and clinical staff at IAPT services, in the following categories:

Partnership with the NHS: Advances in Digital Healthcare Award

Partnership with the NHS: Primary Care Award

The awards will take place on Thursday 13 February at The Lowry Hotel, Manchester. Find out more here.


About Outcome Feedback technology

A collaboration between PCMIS, mental health researchers from world-leading universities, and clinicians, Outcome Feedback is an innovative ‘Expected Treatment Response’ tool embedded within PCMIS’ case management system that tracks a patient’s progress in real time. This enables clinicians to quickly and easily identify patients at risk of deterioration.

Using standardised questionnaires (PHQ-9 for depression and GAD-7 for anxiety) that measure symptom severity, results are plotted graphically to show session-to-session change.

Changes in symptoms across treatment are compared to the expected rate of improvement, which is based on the observed course of treatment for hundreds of similar cases using an algorithm derived from the analysis of large (N>1000) clinical-practice datasets.

Clinicians are trained to discuss the graphs with patients carefully, opening up treatment to facilitate discussion, empowering them to take part in a plan for their own progress and allowing obstacles to recovery to be overcome much quicker at less cost.

Watch our Outcome Feedback explainer vid for more info.


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PCMIS was pioneered by the University of York's Mental Health Research Group that models, develops, measures and tests new ways of organising treatment for people with mental health problems.

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