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PCMIS IAPT Patient Portal App Launched

Latest consumer App technology is being used in mental health recovery management to allow patients to securely share data with their health care provider.

For the first time in the UK, the latest consumer App technology is being used in mental health re-covery management to allow patients (users) to share data via secure portal with their health care provider. The new App interfaces with the in-service PCMIS IAPT Patient Portal and PCMIS Case Management System, with real-time monitoring and measurement of their recovery and supports efficient data handing for the mental health service providers.

Specialist IAPT monitoring-systems provider PCMIS, has launched an innovative new, free App to enable patients to complete their Mental Health Depression and Anxiety questionnaires in advance of their clinical appointments. Other measures are included in the App, such as Work and Social Adjustment Scale, Social Phobia and Employment/Benefits status, enabling clinicians to optimise their diagnosing background information and monitor episode recovery over time. Additionally, giving patients more control and involvement with their care has been a key driver of the PCMIS IAPT Patient Portal development, which was launched in 2013 and encourages patients to take increased ownership of their recovery. Improving patient wellbeing through increased autonomy is seen as advantageous for those patients prepared to embrace it for themselves.

The benefits of the App are significant to both patient and health care provider. Patients are able to consider their questionnaire responses in their own time and that their convenience, and health service providers are able to conduct clinical appointments more efficiently with full patient case-history in place, speeding up the whole process of patient diagnosis, monitoring and ultimately, re-covery.

Recognising the importance of convenience, accessibility and speed in modern living and the inte-gration of technology into our pocket, the PCMIS development team consulted with service and users to establish the most effective and beneficial structure to the App, which, when used in con-junction with the PCMIS IAPT Patient Portal, provides the following benefits to users:

Benefits to Service Providers

  • Saves clinical time
  • Saves administration time
  • Eliminates manual data entry
  • Increases data quality and completeness

Benefits to Patients

  • Convenience
  • Improved privacy
  • Fast and Secure
  • Eliminates paper questionnaires and associated postal issues

The Patient Portal web site and Patient Portal App are available via any internet enabled device including computers, tablets, iPads and smart phones, representing over 90% of mobile devices in the UK. The App is currently available to download from Apple UK App Store. Further develop-ments will enable users to use the App across more technology platforms in the future.

Naturally patient risk, data and system security are of paramount concern and there are in-built risk management and security protection measures which ensure any patient data is secure.

This innovative application of consumer technology brings many advantages and it’s envisaged that the majority of services will adopt the provision of the App into their data collection and man-agement system and also take the opportunity to offer enhanced services and convenience to their patients.

To promote the awareness of the new App, services can receive an information pack which pro-vides an overview to potential users of the benefits and how to use the Patient Portal App.

PCMIS is an established Evidence Based Case Management System that is favoured by many Mental Health IAPT services for the valued features which make reporting, real-time patient track-ing and data monitoring easy and convenient. With a commitment to improving patient wellbeing as a core-value that underpins all of the technology developments to PCMIS, every consideration is made of how the system can enhance recovery rates and provide a complete patient and user experience. The Patient Portal enables patients to take greater responsibility for their treatment and is recognised a significant addition to the suite of tailored services that can be adopted by PCMIS users from a full suite of features.

PCMIS is a not-for-profit partnership which operates from the Department of Health Sciences at leading mental health research facilities at The University of York. The primary objective of PCMIS is to improve patient wellbeing in mental health and this is backed by the integration of evidence based research into PCMIS technical product development, enabling PCMIS system users to re-ceive updates on the very latest research in mental health.

For more information, please contact Byron George, PCMIS Director, Department of Health Sciences, University of York.

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