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PCMIS awarded Grow MedTech funding for expected treatment response technology

The Grow MedTech funding will enable PCMIS to continue our research and development of Outcome Feedback technology, the Expected Treatment Response (ETR) tool proven to improve psychological therapy treatment.


Grow MedTech is a UK programme that provides specialist support for innovation in medical technologies. They have partnerships with the University of York, University of Leeds, and several others around the Yorkshire region. Known for their expertise and desire to ensure healthcare utilises innovative, evidence based technologies to improve outcomes, the Grow MedTech funding has been awarded to PCMIS to continue with two key activities:

1. To further develop data capture within PCMIS around use of the Outcome Feedback graphs in order to further demonstrate improvements in clinical outcomes

2. To undertake a health economic evaluation of the benefits of using Outcome Feedback for patients, services and the wider NHS.

Grow MedTech are keen to support these activities based on the existing evidence base and demonstrable impact of Outcome Feedback. Developed in partnership with mental health researchers and clinicians, Outcome Feedback works by comparing patient responses against clinical norms, based on a large database of similar cases.

ETR curves plotted on Graphs in PCMIS then help clinicians to assess if patients are on track or not on track, based on their responses to depression and anxiety questionnaires.



The existing evidence base

A large scale randomised control trial showed that using Outcome Feedback in IAPT services reduces the probability of deterioration during treatment by 73% for complex, high risk cases.

With more and more demand being placed on NHS mental health services, especially those treating anxiety and depression, saving money whilst maintaining care levels is a priority. PCMIS believe Outcome Feedback can not only help the NHS achieve this, but improve patient outcomes.

We are conducting a health economics evaulation to further explore findings from the initial single service Outcome Feedback trial, that patients treated using Outcome Feedback were able to achieve the same level of symptom improvement, but with significantly less treatment sessions required. This led to an impressive total cost saving of £24,000 over six months at a single IAPT service, higher than the cost of the study itself. We'll be evaluating the data gathered from the large scale follow up trial to ascertain the potential savings for NHS England at a national level.

Engaging clinicians in Outcome Feedback

In order to engage clinicians and clearly communicate the benefits of using Outcome Feedback technology in practice, PCMIS are working with Yorkshire-based health and digital marketing agency HMA to design online training.

Designed to ensure clinical safety when using Outcome Feedback technology in practice, the online training resource will provide a flexible, engaging training solution for busy psychological therapy services to learn and engage with the technology at their own pace.

The online training site is due to go live in September 2019.

Want to learn more?

Listen to an Outcome Feedback podcast recorded by Lead Researcher Dr Jaime Delgadillo for the Mental Health Foundation.

Check out our IAPT Case Study

Or email enquiries@pcmis.com with any questions you have.

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