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Online mental healthcare integration

PCMIS is able to securely receive and integrate data from Internet Enabled Therapy programs, which provide effective and accessible digital mental health therapy.


Client information from our partner services can be transferred back to PCMIS for you to access, including the IAPT minimum dataset and clinical notes.

PCMIS can also combine our Digital Pathway with registration for Internet Enabled Therapy programs. Based on their responses to initial questionnaires, consenting patients can be automatically registered with your chosen program at the same time as referring into service.


Internet Enabled Therapy programs are easy, accessible and convenient, allowing your service users to access the help they need in their own time and on any internet-enabled device.

  • Reduce waiting lists by quickly referring low-risk clients to online therapy
  • Improve outcomes by providing quicker access to effective care
  • Easily monitor risk and outcomes as data flows directly back to PCMIS
  • Eliminate the need for manual duplication and reduce admin time
  • Increase choice and accessibility for those who may be reluctant to consider face to face therapy

Our Internet Enabled Therapy partners:


SilverCloud provides online support programs for a variety of mental health issues, supported by clinical expertise and high quality research and testing. Content is accessible, easy to use and personalisable. Clients have a dedicated supporter to monitor progress and provide guidance and encouragement.

The platform supports a variety of clinical measurements including the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) and Generalised Anxiety Disorder Assessment (GAD 7).

Find out more about SilverCloud



CCBT provides online cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) programs for psychological disorders, backed up by current research. Programs are convenient, easy to use and confidential. Their FearFighter™ program is the only product endorsed by a national regulator (NICE in the UK – TA097) for an Anxiety Treatment.

Find out more about CCBT

Paddle App


A prescribed app, Paddle is not a therapy tool in itself, however, it has been developed by patients for patients to help them make the most of therapy by storing all related information in one secure location. It can be used during, and perhaps more importantly after, a course of psychological therapy to help people stay well for longer.

Find out more about Paddle

Paddle App

PCMIS use API technology to facilitate integration and communication with other systems and therapy partners. All APIs are compatible with industry standards and HL7.    

For more information, or to discuss how we can integrate PCMIS with your partner services, just get in touch.

The PCMIS Story

PCMIS was pioneered by the University of York's Mental Health Research Group that models, develops, measures and tests new ways of organising treatment for people with mental health problems.

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Rich Features

PCMIS is designed to suit your specific needs, be they extra datasets, customised reports, configured alerts and more. Its web-based platform allows us to modify and configure your system remotely.

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Excellent Support

Our service desk provides dedicated support by phone: 01904 321 322 and email. We provide flexible system training and documentation to end-users and frequently upgrade and improve PCMIS.

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