PCMIS HE has been jointly pioneered by the Departmental of Health Sciences at the University of York, HE practitioners and the University of York Mental Health Research and Addiction Group, a world class leading multidisciplinary research group that models, develops, measures and tests new ways of organising treatment for people with mental health problems.

Working closely together, we have developed PCMIS HE to meet the specific needs of student support and wellbeing services within the HE sector. The University of York is a registered charity and PCMIS HE is not for profit.


Our vision is to provide a flexible case management system, that is fit for purpose, aimed to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of individuals using proven evidence based research.

Evidence Based Research

A unique aspect of PCMIS HE is that the integrated clinical support tools are constantly evolving. PCMIS HE continually develops and changes in line with the latest technology and research. PCMIS HE evolves through a 4-step cycle involving collaboration with research teams at the University to develop new clinical support tools, empirical testing of new features and the involvement of practitioners and researchers in testing the utility of these new features.

Development of New Science

In addition to established case management features, PCMIS HE is designed to support cutting-edge research activity, and has been used to gather data as part of randomised controlled trials, observational cohort studies and large-scale data mining projects. The systemís ability to gather granular item-level data as well as aggregated population data makes it a flexible and powerful tool for the investigation of psychotherapy delivered in routine practice.

The PCMIS Story

PCMIS was pioneered by the University of York's Mental Health Research Group that models, develops, measures and tests new ways of organising treatment for people with mental health problems.

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Rich Features

PCMIS is designed to suit your specific needs, be they extra datasets, customised reports, configured alerts and more. Its web-based platform allows us to modify and configure your system remotely.

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Excellent Support

Our service desk provides dedicated support by phone: 01904 321322 and email. We provide flexible system training and documentation to end-users. We frequently upgrade and improve PCMIS in line with your service requirements.

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