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PCMIS mental health case management system

PCMIS is a flexible, intelligent and easy to use case management system for mental health services. The PCMIS web-based system supports the collection and analysis of mental health data, helping you to effectively monitor your service.

Whichever service you provide, we can optimise it:

We support a wide range of healthcare services, including NHS primary care mental health, charities and commercial health organisations. Our system allows you to easily and efficiently manage your caseload, while focusing on client wellbeing and recovery.

Adult IAPT
Mental health services
Veteran services
Australian services

PCMIS - Key Features:

  • Able to capture a full range of client data
  • Clear, informative, tailored reporting
  • Appointment and diary management
  • Client communications management
  • Simple client risk-management
  • Research-led and evidence-based
  • Easy to integrate with current systems
  • High quality customer support
  • The highest security standards
  • Multiple care pathways and stepped-care models are supported

A unique link to research

PCMIS is based at the University of York, with a strong link to the world-leading York Mental Health and Addiction Research Group. This allows us to access cutting edge research, and we regularly update the PCMIS system based on the latest findings; something which sets us apart from our competitors. You can find out more about how research guides development of PCMIS on our Research pages.

For more information about how we can help you, take a look around our website, or contact us today.

The PCMIS Story

PCMIS was pioneered by the University of York's Mental Health Research Group that models, develops, measures and tests new ways of organising treatment for people with mental health problems.

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Rich Features

PCMIS is designed to suit your specific needs, be they extra datasets, customised reports, configured alerts and more. Its web-based platform allows us to modify and configure your system remotely.

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Excellent Support

Our service desk provides dedicated support by phone: 01904 321 322 and email. We provide flexible system training and documentation to end-users and frequently upgrade and improve PCMIS.

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