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Mariya Geneshka
PhD Student



Mariya's PhD will look at the ways natural environments, such as parks and lakes, impact mental and physical multimorbidity in adults. During the first stage of the project Mariya will conduct a systematic review of the literature, in order to conceptualise the longitudinal relationship between different environmental exposures and mental and physical health. Following this, Mariya will integrate high quality environmental data into a health cohort. A range of longitudinal observational methods will be used to examine the relationship between green and blue spaces and mental-physical multimorbidity in the cohort. 


  • BA Geography (University of Nottingham)
  • MPH Public Health (Imperial College London)



Mariya is interested in the ways different aspects of the surrounding environment, both natural and anthropogenic, affect chronic mental and physical health in adults. In particular, Mariya is interested in examining how this relationship varies between different socio-demographic groups. This will be done by focusing on using quantitative statistical methods in secondary data analysis. 

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Mariya Geneshka
PhD Student