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Jassas Alotaibi
PhD Student



Jassas holds the position of Assistant Head of Physical Therapy Department at King Fahd Military Medical Complex in Dhahran in Saudi Arabia. In addition, he is a senior Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist also responsible for co-coordinating the training programme for staff, undergraduate and postgraduate interns in the department. Jassas came to the University of York in November 2014 to begin his PhD in the field of cardiac rehabilitation.


  • BSc in Physical Therapy 
  • MSc in Cardiac Rehabilitation



Jassas has an interest in cardiac rehabilitation and the prevention of cardiovascular disease.


The development and evaluation of a physical activity measure in cardiac rehabilitation.

Previous research

The effect of three exercise modalities on heart rate, power output and rating of perceived exertion on a phase IV cardiac rehabilitation programme.

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Jassas Alotaibi
PhD Student
Department of Health Sciences