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Samarul Islam (Sam)
Research Associate in Global Public Health



Sam is a dedicated, right-driven population health researcher with an interdisciplinary global perspective. He has over eight years of experience including PhD and MPhil research in population studies. He has published six research papers in peer-reviewed journals and made nine presentations at international and national conferences, participated in 16 workshops nationally and internationally, and received seven prestigious awards. His research interests involve air pollution, climate change, and population health. Sam has strong data management abilities using statistical software and has extensive field experience in the Indian setting.


  • PhD in Population Studies (IIPS), India 



Sam's research interests revolve around understanding the impact of energy access, air pollution, and climate change on population health. Previously, he worked as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the International Institute for Population Sciences and the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, where he researched the adverse impacts of air pollution on health outcomes. His research involved analyzing large datasets and developing models to understand how air pollution affects health and the environment.

Sam plans to continue his research on the health impacts of air pollution and extend it to include the effects of climate change. He is particularly interested in studying the health impacts of exposure to particulate matter, ozone, and other pollutants resulting from anthropogenic activities.

In his current position, Sam is working as a research associate (trial manager) on a public health randomised controlled trial in South Asia supported by the joint Global Health Trials Scheme at the University of York's Department of Health Sciences. His main tasks are trial design, execution, and management. He manages trial operations, helps international teams execute their research plans, creates research methods and papers, obtains study permits, and ensures research data accuracy. He also coordinates and helps produce research project end papers and articles, as well as academic and non-academic public talks.


  • Children Learning About Second-hand Smoke: Cluster randomised-controlled trial (MRC)

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  • Life member: Indian Association of Social Science and Health (IASSH)

Samarul Islam

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Dr Samarul (Sam) Islam
Research Associate Global Public Health