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Papiya Mazumdar
Research Fellow



Dr Papiya Mazumdar is an IMPACT research fellow in the Mental Health and Addiction Research Group, presently engaged in the project’s specific arm assessing co-morbidity of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and common mental diseases (CMDs).  With over 12 years of postdoctoral experience in interdisciplinary research on key themes of global health in South Asia, she brings in required expertise in the research group inquantitative data analytics and the understanding on typicality of health systems of south Asian countries. Prior to joining the group, Papiya had held academic and research positions at leading public health institutes, universities and development research organisations in India and had acquired rich experience in developing interdisciplinary academic programmes in global health. She had worked closely with Indian government agencies and departments in public health and contributed in development advocacy and capacity-building in health policy and research.


  • Ph.D (Demography)



Papiya is interested in research on reducing public health risks for chronic health conditions through behavioural and environmental modifications, primarily targeted at the socio-economically vulnerable population living in South- Asia and Africa.  She shares a strong interest in interdisciplinary research in global health for development of effective health intervention programmes.


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Papiya Mazumdar

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Dr Papiya Mazumdar
Research Fellow

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