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Panagiotis Spanakis
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Panagiotis joined the Mental Health and Addiction Group in January 2020. Prior to that, he completed his PhD and worked as a post-doctoral researcher in University of Liverpool.

Panagiotis has a background in Psychology and has studied and conducted research in the areas of addiction, health behaviours and cognitive experimental research. His PhD project examined the cognitive and motivational processes involved in alcohol use and how these are expressed in the real world. He was later involved in projects examining recognition and help-seeking for alcohol problems in the UK Armed Forces, as well as the effect of everyday exposure to food marketing on food craving and hunger. In his current role he is involved in projects examining health inequalities and the digital divide in people with severe mental illness.


  • BSc Psychology (University of Crete)
  • MSc Clinical and Developmental Psychopathology (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
  • PhD Addiction Psychology (University of Liverpool)



Panagiotis is interested in the study of substance use behaviours, how they are developed and maintained, and how they interact with other aspects of the individuals’ health and life.

Panagiotis is experienced in quantitative research methods and psychological research conducted in the real world (e.g. ecological momentary assessment). He is particularly interested in the incorporation of digital technologies (e.g. smartphones) in psychological research, as well as digital inclusion of mental health service users.


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Panagiotis has been invited twice by his alma mater University of Crete to delivery guest lectures and workshops about implicit cognitive processes, cognitive underpinnings of addiction and the use of smartphones for data collection in addiction research. 

Panagiotis Spanakis

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Dr Panagiotis Spanakis
Research Associate

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