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Malini Pires
Visiting Research Fellow



Malini was a researcher for the Improving Mental and Physical Health Together (IMPACT) project under the supervision of Dr Najma Siddiqi. Malini’s background is in Biomedical Sciences (BSc) and Biomedical Engineering (MSc) and has experience in lab-based research in the UK and Portugal. Malini gained interest in pursuing a career in Epidemiology and Global Public Health after having worked in Public Health Research Groups and Educational Non-Profit Organizations in India and in Portugal, after which she obtained a Masters in Public Health (MPH) at the University of York and worked for Professor Barry Wright at the Child Oriented Mental Health Intervention Centre as a research assistant. Her dissertation was a systematic review on the Impact of Leishmaniasis on Mental Health, and the article was published with the co-authorship of Barry Wright (MHARG), Paul Kaye (Department of Biology) and Rachel Churchill (Centre for Reviews and Dissemination).


  • BSc Biomedical Sciences 2011 (University of Surrey)
  • MSc Biomedical Engineering 2014 (University of Porto)
  • MPH University of York 2019 (University of York)



Malini’s research interests lie in the epidemiology of infectious diseases and in global mental health. She is working towards a career that will allow her  to combine the fields of biomedical sciences, biomedical engineering with global public health.


  • The Impact of Leishmaniasis on Mental Health (Professor Barry Wright, Professor Rachel Churchill and Professor Paul Kaye)
  • IMPACT: Improving Mental and Physical Health Together (MHARG)
  • DIADS: Diagnostic Instruments for Autism in Deaf children’s Study (COMIC Research)

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Malini Pires
Visiting Research Fellow