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Jessie Shepherd
Research Support Officer



After twelve years working as a social worker in the United States, I have switched focus toward earning a PhD and engaging in academic research. I am interested in preventative practices, understanding how to foster early development and create resilience to minimize the risk of mental health disorders in the population. 


  • MA of Counseling Psychology

University roles

  • Equality officer GSA, 2019-2020

  • Family Network Graduate Coordinator 



My research focus is on fostering emotional resilience in the population. Currently I am working on building an understanding of how social-emotional learning programs can foster strong social and emotional skills; and how ethnicity and gender impact the effectiveness of social-emotional learning.


Research group(s)

External activities


  • Board of Behavioral Science, LMFT

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Mrs Jessie Shepherd
Research Support Officer
MHARG, Health Sciences