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Jack Garry
Research Support Officer



Jack's interest in academia sprouted from working as a SEND teaching assistant in a primary school, which forged his interests in psychology and sociology.  As he progressed through his degree, a particular passion became the psychology of addiction, which complemented his current endeavours at the University of York.

Jack's primary role in Health Sciences is contributing towards the Transformative Research on the Alcohol industry, Policy and Science (TRAPS) research programme. He has worked on several projects:

  • Demystifying declared funding and authorship by alcohol industry actors in scientific literature
  • Uncovering connections and affiliations between the tobacco and alcohol industries through the analysis of previously undisclosed industry documents
  • Elucidating the progression of the controversial Public Health (Alcohol) Acts 2018 through the Oireachtas in Ireland


  • Education, Childhood & Culture BA, University of Sheffield



Jack's research interests are:

  • Alcohol legislation and the associated political science mechanisms
  • Alcohol industry involvement with policy and science
  • The modus operandi of alcohol industry ‘Social Aspect Groups’


  • Transformative Research on the Alcohol industry, Policy and Science (TRAPS)

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Jack Garry

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Jack Garry
Research Support Officer

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