Ian Hamilton
Lecturer in Mental Health



Ian is a lecturer in mental health in the Department of Health Sciences, with an interest in the relationship between substance use and mental health (Dual Diagnosis).

Ian trained and worked as a mental health nurse in South London, working with people who had a severe mental health problem and used drugs or alcohol problematically. He joined the Department in 2004 as a lecturer. His interest in this client group has continued through his work with teams which come into contact with such clients, and also facilitating sessions in this area.


  • Registered Mental Health Nurse


Departmental roles

  • Deputy Chair SSPRD Committee
  • Deputy lead for Masters in Nursing programme



  • Complex Mental Health Needs
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Working with people who have drug and alcohol problems


Other teaching

  • Hull York Medical School – addiction and motivational interviewing.



Ian's research interests are primarily in dual diagnosis and the relationship between mental health and substance use.

Research group(s)


Selected publications






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External activities


  • External examiner for Kings College London
  • Grants Advisory Panel for Alcohol Research UK
  • Governor for Tees Esk & Wear Valley NHS Foundation Trust

Editorial duties

  • Editorial Board of Advances in Dual Diagnosis
  • Editorial Board Journal of Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy

Invited talks and conferences

  • Scottish Association for the Study of Offending, Glasgow 2018 - Addiction and mental health.
  • Pint of Science, York 2018 - Women and drugs.
  • Pathfinder Mental Health Conference, York 2017 - Evidence based educational interventions for schools.
  • World Association on Dual Disorders, Madrid 2017 - Synthetic Cannabinoid Receptor Agonists, psychosis and gender.
  • European Risk Research Conference, York 2016 - 'Craving certainty - Cannabis Psychosis'
  • European network of health care organisations, York 2016 - 'Use of adult mental illness beds across Europe' Asklepios - http://www.foundationasklepios.eu/ 
  • European Congress of Psychiatry, Madrid 2016 - 'Cannabis psychosis, does gender matter?'
  • IV International Congress of Dual Disorders, Barcelona 2015
    • Presentation: 'Sexual dysfunction as a side effect of psychotropic medicines for people with dual disorders.'
    • Presentation: 'Establishing and maintaining a local dual diagnosis network.'
  • Presentation to III International Congress on Dual Disorders, Barcelona 2013.
  • Presentation to European Society of Criminology Budapest 2013: 'Have UK politicians contributed to hospital admissions for cannabis psychosis?'
  • Presentations to national conferences for Turning Point and Compass on the subject of Dual Diagnosis.
  • Presentation to Dual Disorders conference Barcelona 2011.

Contact details

Ian Hamilton
Lecturer in Mental Health

Tel: 01904 321673