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Fiona Meddings
Senior Lecturer in Midwifery



Fiona qualified as a Registered General Nurse in Yorkshire then following one year staffing on a surgical ward, she commenced her midwifery training. Whilst in midwifery clinical practice she experienced all areas of hospital care prior to moving into the community working with a large caseload of women from a varied community in the south west of Leeds. Fiona then moved into midwifery management at the establishment of Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, joining of the two hospitals in Leeds; she successfully introduced the National Maternity Record unifying record keeping for care of women in Leeds.

Fiona left clinical practice to pursue a full-time lecturing career, working at the University of Bradford from 2001 until January 2022 when she joined the University of York. Fiona has a wealth of educational experience working with students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and is passionate about student learning being a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) meeting the UKPSF requirements. In 2020 Fiona was an institutional nominee for the HEA National Teaching Fellow award. 

Fiona completed her PhD entitled “Investigating Assessment in HE: Demystifying Marking and Grading to Reveal Expert Practices”. The focus of her research was academic practice, fostering a clearer understanding of assessment practice developing tools to support novice academics in building skills in marking and grading more quickly and effectively.


  • PhD – University of Bradford
  • Registered Midwife Teacher (NMC)
  • MSc Health Professional Education – University of Huddersfield
  • BHSc Health Studies - University of Leeds, College of Ripon & York St John
  • DipHE (Midwifery Studies) – Sheffield Hallam University
  • Registered Nurse (RGN) – Leeds General Infirmary
  • Registered Midwife (RM) – Leeds General Infirmary



Fiona has experience of a range of quantitative and qualitative research methods.  However, her focus has been, predominantly phenomenological approaches to data collection and data exploration in both educational and health research.  Fiona has experience of Masters and PhD supervision.

Previous projects

  • 2021 (January) SEDA small grant application submission to widen the above exploration to University academics in all Faculties.
  • 2020 (June onwards) Collaboration with university Educational Developers FOHS research: “Transition from face-to-face to online assessments: Exploring lecturers’ experiences of online assessments during the Covid-19 pandemic”
  • 2019 (February 11-15) Participant International Multi-Disciplinary Publication Workshop for Faculty of Health Staff (Slovenia)
  • 2019 ‘Evaluation of Assignment Feedback Methods for Undergraduate Healthcare Students’ – delivered via the new VLE (Canvas)
  • 2017 Completed part time PhD candidate Thesis entitled: Investigating Assessment in Higher Education: Demystifying Marking and Grading to Reveal Expert Practices: A phenomenological analysis of marking and grading practices of novice and experienced health academics
  • 2008 pilot study to my proposed PhD studies exploring process of marking/assessing student work.
  • 2007 with Dr J Haigh JISC funded – Use of TURNITin the Plagiarism Detection Software.
  • 2006 with Dr C. Dearnley Student Self-Assessment in the School of Health in conjunction with the School Generic Assessment Criteria


Fiona is interested in supervising PhD projects from a wide spectrum of maternity related aspects of health care; education and assessment related projects in the qualitative or mixed methods domain.

Current supervisees:

  • A.Mprah - Forced Migrant Fathers’ Experiences of the Maternity Journey in the UK: A Phenomenological Analysis of the Experiences of Forced Migrant Fathers and possible Interventions – Writing up (University of Bradford)
  • H. Mohammed – Assessment and Training for Traditional Birth Attendants – year 2 full time (University of Bradford)


Selected publications

  • Chikwa G. Meddings F.S. Zoubir T. (2021) Time for increased collaboration (re)designing online assessment under the pressures of a pandemic 57 – 67 in Baughan P. (Editor) Assessment and Feedback in a post pandemic era: A time for learning and inclusion. AdvanceHE AdvHE_Assessment_Feedback_postpandemic_1625736998.pdf
  • Meddings F.S, Nesbitt R. (2017) Integrating threshold concepts: exploring innovations in the redesign of a problem-based learning curriculum.  MIDIRS Digest 27 (3) 281-285
  • MacVane Phipps F. Evans M. Whitney E. Meddings F. (2015) Embedding the 6 Cs: PBL The Bradford Way British Journal of Midwifery 23 (5) 330-335.
  • Meddings F. Haith-Cooper M. (2008) Culture and communication in ethically appropriate care. Nursing Ethics 15 (1) 52-61
  • Dearnley C.A. Meddings F. (2007) Students self-assessment and its impact on learning – A pilot study Nurse Education Today 27, 333-340
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  • Meddings F. Porter J. (2007) Pakistani women and their feeding intentions – can midwives make an impact? Royal College of Midwives Journal 10 (7) 328 - 331
  • Meddings F. MacVane Phipps F., Haith-Cooper M. Haigh J. (2006) Vaginal birth after caesarian section (VBAC): exploring women’s perceptions. Journal of Clinical Nursing 160-167

Refereed Conference Posters/Abstracts/Presentations

(This is a sample of contributions to academic debate) 

  • Meddings F.S. (2020) e-Portfolio embedded into a professional programme; eAssessment Question Conference, eAssessment Association 8 July 2020. Invited Speaker
  • Meddings F.S. (2019) Making your Marking “It’s A Messy Business”. 7th International Assessment in Higher Education (AHE) Conference 26-27 June 2019: Manchester Conference Presenter and Panel Chair 
  • Meddings F.S. (2019) The Messiness of Marking and Troublesome Knowledge: A Researcher Review of an Everyday Lecturer Practice. AdvanceHE Teaching and Learning Conference: Teaching in the Spotlight: Innovation for Teaching Excellence: Northumbria University. Conference Presenter
  • Meddings F.S. (2019) Midwifery Pebblepad: Personalised, Portable, Portfolio Learning.  Pebblepad UK: MINIBASH Health SIG: Birmingham. Invited Speaker
  • Meddings F.S. (2017) Investigating Assessment In HE: Emotional Labour, Exploring The Toil Of Marking And Grading. 6th International Assessment in Higher Education (AHE) Conference 28-29 June 2017:  Manchester Conference Presenter and Panel Chair
  • Meddings F.S., Whitney L., Evans M., Khan K. (2016) The Art Of Curriculum Design: Tackling Troublesome Knowledge Through Problem Based Learning University of Bradford 1st Learning, Teaching and Research Conference 9 June. University of Bradford Conference Presenter, First Author
  • Meddings F.S. (2016) The Art Of Curriculum Design: Tackling Troublesome Knowledge Through Problem Based Learning. European Midwives Association Education Conference 2-3 December. London Narrated Poster Presentation
  • Meddings F.S. (2014) Developing Teachers Today For Assessment Tomorrow: Demystifying Marking And Grading Practices Of Lecturers In Allied Health Professions. NET Conference (Networking for Health Education) 2- 8 Sept. University of Cambridge Conference Presentation and Panel Chair
  • McVane F., Meddings F.S., Evans M. (2013) The Students As Researcher: Embedding A Research Culture In Health Professional Education) HEA Social Sciences Annual conference Liverpool 23-23 May.  Liverpool (First author poster presentation)
  • Meddings F.S. (2013) Demystifying Marking And Assessment Processes: Where Is The Mystery?  Assessment in HE conference PhD/Early Career Researcher Seminar 26-27 June: Birmingham Conference Presentation
  • Bilal, M., Chan, P.M.L., Meddings, F.S. and Konstadopoulou, A., (2012) SCORE: An Advanced Assessment And Feedback Framework With A Universal Marking Scheme In Higher Education. (pp. 1-6). Education and e-Learning Innovations (ICEELI), 1 - 3 July, International Conference on IEEE. Paper presentation, by 1st author Bilal, M. Tunisia (First author presentation)
  • Meddings F.S., Dearnley C.A. (2010) Assessment & Feedback – is there a place for criteria? Reporting on a systematic review of the literature are there issues we should consider at UOB? University of Bradford Learning and Teaching TQEG 7-8 June, University of Bradford Joint Conference Presentation
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  • Meddings F.S., Haigh J. (2007) Learning to Learn in a Powerful LifeLong Learning Environment. EdgeHill CLTR 11 May, Edgehill University Joint Conference Presentation
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  • Dearnley C.A. Meddings F.S.  (2005) Student self-assessment and its impact on learning – a pilot study. University Hong Kong Polytechnic University Enhancing teaching and learning through assessment: 1st International Conference on Enhancing Teaching and Learning Through Assessment 12-15 June, Hong Kong  Joint Conference Presentation




Fiona will be contributing to a range of undergraduate modules and will use active and collaborative learning, utilising her 20 years’ experience of a Problem Based Learning approach as the underpinning philosophical methodology for learning and teaching.


Fiona will make contributions to the new MMID pre-registration programme from September 2022

External activities


  • Nursing and Midwifery Council
  • Royal College of Midwives
  • Higher Education Academy

Editorial duties

  • AHE (Assessment in Higher Education) Executive Conference Committee member 2019 – present
  • ILTSIG (International Teaching and Learning Special Interest Group) Committee Member

Invited talks and conferences

  • Invited author for MIDIRS - Published Sept 2017
  • Invited speaker PebblePad Health SIG 2019

Fiona Meddings

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Dr Fiona Meddings
Senior Lecturer in Midwifery

Tel: 01904 32(1368)