Elizabeth Currie
Senior Visiting Research Fellow



Elizabeth has regularly worked across disciplinary and methodological boundaries throughout a rich and varied career which has consisted of two principal trajectories, that of South American archaeology and anthropology, and health sciences research. She led research programmes in Ecuador over several years, and also participated in different health sciences' research projects for the University of York. 




Elizabeth's research interests have focussed upon the anthropology and ethnohistory of South America and she has carried out a number of projects in Ecuador in particular, where she lived and worked with indigenous Andean communities. She has also carried out historical archival research into the early colonial period of South America, working with original historical documents and chronicles. This research led her to develop an interest in the impact of the Spanish Conquest and European culture, institutions and religion on prehispanic indigenous societies in the Andean region. Elizabeth's interests also include cognitive approaches to human behaviour and construction of identity as seen through material culture, and in expressions of indigenous cosmology, being and belief, in particular with societies practising shamanistic religions. Indigenous concepts of health and healing - Traditional Medicine - has long been a key interest.


  • From November 2016, Elizabeth will commence a new EC Horizon 2020 funded Marie-Sklodowska-Curie Actions Global Fellowship: “MEDICINE: Indigenous concepts of health and healing in Andean populations. The relevance of traditional medicine in a changing world”, a novel multi-disciplinary approach in the global agenda to develop policies sensitive to indigenous people’s social, economic and health needs. For this she will spend two years on secondment to the University of San Francisco, Quito (Ecuador), carrying out the initial phases of research for the project, working to develop new theoretical models of human conceptual and culture adaptions and change. This research is expected to make important contributions to the current debate on Traditional and Complementary Medicine in EU healthcare provision and, building from this, into the contemporary policy agenda related to migrant peoples in the EU.

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Dr Elizabeth Currie
Senior Visiting Research Fellow