Alan Maynard
Emeritus Professor



Professor Alan Maynard began his career at the University of Exeter (1968-71) as an assistant lecturer and lecturer in Economics. Between 1971 and 1977, he lectured in Economics in the Department of Economics and Related Studies, University of York, and then went on to a position as senior lecturer and reader in Economics and Founding Director of the Graduate Course in Health Economics. In 1983, Alan became Professor of Health Economics and Founding Director of the Centre for Health Economics at the University. Alan is currently Professor of Health Economics in the Department of Health Sciences.

In addition to his academic roles, Alan was Chairman of York Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (1997-2010) and Chairman, Vale of York NHS Commissioning Group (2012- present).


  • BA (Hons), Class 1, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1968
  • BPhil, University of York, 1968
  • Hon. DSc. University of Aberdeen, 2003
  • Hon. LLD, University of Northumbria, 2006
  • Hon. Member, Faculty of Public Health Medicine if the Royal College of Physicians of UK
  • Member, Academy of Medical Sciences, 2000-
  • OBE, 2009



Alan's research interests are in economic aspects of health workforce planning, health care reform nationally and internationally, incentive systems, addiction policies and the regulation of industry e.g. pharmaceuticals. 

Research group(s)


Full publications list



  • Hull-York Medical School occasional plenaries and revision classes
  • Nursing: occasional lectures


  • Health Sciences module on health policy
  • MSc in Health Economics: occasional lectures
  • Member of three PhD thesis advisory groups

External activities


Editorial duties

  • Founding editor, Health Economics, 1992- present
  • Editorial board member, British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Health Policy

Invited talks and conferences

Alan has been the author of several hundred invited talks and conferences, most recently:

  • “Bending the cost curve: some English lessons” International Conference, Saskatoon, Canada, September 2012
  • “Prevention is better than cure”: where’s the evidence? OECD-Israel conference, October, 2012

Media coverage

Alan has been the recipient of extensive media coverage throughout his career. Noteable, recent examples include:

  • BBC-radio 4’s PM programme and Women’s Hours, and BBC-radio York

Contact details

Prof. Alan Maynard
Professor of Health Economics

Tel: 01904 32(1333)