Anna-Marie Marshall
Research Fellow



Anna-Marie's background is in Psychology. Within this area her main interests are the effects of drug use on cognition and mental health, with a specific interest in alcohol and tobacco.  She also has an interest in e-cigarettes, which was the topic of her PhD, which explored the role of e-cigarettes as a method for smoking cessation. 

More recently she moved to Public Health here at the University of York, where she is involved in the coordination of two large trials on tobacco control in low and middle income countries. 


BSc, Psychology, Northumbria University at Newcastle

MReS, Northumbria University at Newcastle



Anna-Marie's main research interests are tobacco control in low and middle income countries and the effects of e-cigarette, and their role in tobacco control. 

Research group(s)

Public Health & Society

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Anna-Marie Marshall
Research Fellow

Tel: 01904 (32)8969