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Postgraduate elective modules available 2016/7

These postgraduate elective modules are offered by the Department of Health Sciences to postgraduate students from other departments within the University.   If you wish to take a module as an elective please email to check the availability of places.

Please note that some modules have a number of pre-requisites which must be met prior to undertaking the elective module.

Module Code 

Module Title Credits Term Taught Term Assessed 
HEA00013M Epidemiology  10  Autumn  Spring
HEA00002M Further Regression Analysis 10 Summer Summer
HEA00016M Global Public Health  10  Autumn Spring
HEA00063M Health & Illness in Society 20 Summer Summer
HEA00019M Health Economics  10  Spring  Spring
HEA00021M Health Policy: Principles, Practice & the Evidence Base 10 Summer Summer
HEA00092M Health Research in Practice 10 Spring Spring
HEA00066M Infection & Disease 20 Autumn and Spring Summer
HEA00091M Introduction to Health Statistics 10 Autumn Spring
HEA00001M Introduction to Regression Analysis 10 Spring  Spring
HEA00028M Measurement in Health & Disease  10  Summer  Summer
HEA00031M Public Health & Ethics  10  Spring  Spring
HEA00065M Public Health Foundations & Practice  20  Autumn and Spring Summer
HEA00033M Qualitative Health Research  10  Autumn Spring
HEA00034M Randomised Controlled Trials  10  Autumn  Spring
HEA00036M Systematic Reviews  10  Spring  Summer
HEA00005M Understanding Clinical Statistics 10 Summer Summer