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Delegates at the York Accord. Credit: Ian Martindale

Support the York Accord

In July 2015 the University of York brought together an international delegation of educators, policy-makers, donor agencies and academics to discuss the proliferation of planned attacks on higher education across the globe.

The result was the York Accord, signed by all delegates, which seeks to present a set of principles and recommendations to protect and rebuild institutions of higher education affected by armed conflict.

The initiative was led by the Brookings Doha Centre, the Institute of International Education and the University of York. The delegation was led by President Jorge Sampaio, former President of Portugal and recipient of the first United Nations Nelson Mandela Prize. 

Read the full text of the York Accord (pdf)

We welcome you to add your name to the list of signatories.



  • Omid Esmailpour, Auditor, Rymand & Co


  • Professor Dlawer Ala’Aldeen Former Minister of Higher Education


  • Dr Ibrahim Badran Philadelphia University; Former Minister of Education, Jordan


  • Professor Richard Mibey President Vice-Chancellor, Moi University
  • Nuur Sheekh Intergovernmental Authority on Development


  • Dr Mustapha Jazar President of Lebanese Association for Scientific Research


  • Professor Joseph Isaac President, African Methodist Episcopal University, Liberia


  • Professor Harish Narang Professor of Nuclear Engineering, University of Tripoli


  • Mr Berend Jonker Foundation for Refugee Students; UAF


  • President Jorge Sampaio Chairman of the Global Platform for Syrian Students; Former UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations; former President of Portugal
  • Dr Helena Barroco Global Platform for Syrian Students


  • Mark Richmond Director of Research, Protect Education in Insecurity and Conflict
  • Andrew Leber Research Assistant, Brookings Institute Doha

United Kingdom

  • Professor Sultan Barakat Director, Brookings Doha Center; University of York
  • Dr Kenneth Bush Director, Post War Reconstruction and Development Unit, University of York
  • Dr David Duncan Registrar and Secretary, University of York
  • Ms Penny Egan Fulbright Commission
  • Professor Sir Malcolm Grant President of CARA; Chair, NHS England; Chancellor, University of York
  • Professor Frank Hardman Institute for Effective Education, University of York
  • Professor Koen Lamberts Vice-Chancellor, University of York
  • Dr John Law Higher Education Adviser, British Council
  • Dr Sansom Milton Post War Reconstruction and Development Unit, University of York
  • Professor Deborah Smith Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research, University of York
  • Dr Tajendra Pherali Education and International Development, University of London
  • Stephen Wordsworth Executive Director, CARA
  • David Wheeler Editor, Al-Fanar Media
  • Stefan Kielbasiewicz YorkPEN Society, University of York
  • Matthias Schlag Teacher, Rishworth Independent School


  • Ms Carol Madison Graham Trustee, Marshall Scholarships Commission
  • Dr Beverly Daniel Tatum President, Spelman College
  • Dr Allan Goodman Institute for International Education