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Our internationalisation strategy takes place in the context of a firm commitment to sustainability.

This means building sustainable relationships and collaborations around the world, ensuring that our work makes important contributions to society, helping our students become global citizens, and having a strong ethical dimension to our work, including an Ethical Investment policy.

Sustainable travel

In addition to this, we try to ensure that our travel is organised on a sustainable basis. We are the first university in the world to undertake to measure our institutional carbon footprint - we have commissioned a study which will make York the first University to get comprehensive information on its complete carbon footprint, including things such as the hidden carbon use in the products it uses.

For the international aspects of our work, current estimates show that international staff travel accounts for about 1% of our carbon footprint, and international student travel for about 13%. Read more about our sustainable travel policies.


The University of York was granted Fairtrade status in February 2005.

We are committed to providing Fairtrade products in catering and retail outlets, conference accommodation, Costcutter supermarkets and campus vending machines. Read more on the University's Fairtrade commitment.

Energy and carbon management

We continue to adopt policies aimed at helping our individual staff and students to conserve energy. Read more about our carbon management plan.

Understanding climate change

In addition to reducing our own emissions, the University is at the forefront of research that is improving our understanding of climate change and developing the technologies that will be central to the creation of the low carbon economy of the future. Read more about Education and Research on sustainability.

Read more about all aspects of the University's approach to sustainability including wildlife and biodiversity, campus development and waste and recycling.