ICA consists of weekly conversation sessions with people from all over the world.

Each week there is a particular topic to discuss, with suggested questions sent to participants in advance.

It's also a great opportunity to make new friends and become more knowledgeable about other cultures.

Course aims

  • To improve both your speaking and listening skills through informal conversation
  • To improve your understanding of different world cultures


Pre-intermediate and above (IELTS 4.0+)


Weekly on Wednesdays (12pm GMT) and Thursdays (4pm GMT)


No certificate is available for this course

Sessions and materials



Books and Reading 

Also available as: Books and Reading (PDF , 107kb)


Also available as: Cinema (PDF , 101kb).

Cultural Icons

Also available as: Cultural Icons (PDF , 208kb).



Also available as: Culture (PDF , 107kb).

The Environment

Also available as: The Environment (PDF , 101kb)

Festivals and Celebrations

Also available as: Festivals and Celebrations (PDF , 103kb).

Food and Cooking

Also available as: Food and Cooking (PDF , 185kb)

Free Time 

Also available as: Free Time (PDF , 98kb).

Gender Roles

Also available as: Gender Roles (PDF , 113kb).

Ghosts and the Supernatural 

Also available as: Ghosts and the Supernatural (PDF , 99kb)


Also available as: Holidays (PDF , 368kb)

Love and Marriage

Also available as: Love and Marriage (PDF , 108kb)


Also available as: Manners (PDF , 106kb)


Also available as: Music (PDF , 97kb).

Pub Culture 

Also available as: Pub Culture (PDF , 162kb).

School Days

Also available as: School Days (PDF , 98kb)



Also available as: Sport (PDF , 99kb).


Also available as: Superstitions (PDF , 164kb).

Tea Culture

Also available as: Tea Culture (PDF , 105kb).

Understanding Britain

Also available as: Understanding Britain (PDF , 108kb)

University Life

Also available as: University Life (PDF , 114kb).

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