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York-Maastricht Partnership

The Universities of York and Maastricht have agreed a major partnership in which they will establish joint research projects, teaching collaborations, knowledge exchange, student exchanges and sharing best practice among staff.

The initial research focus of the partnership will be in the areas of crops, nutrition and public health, imaging for medical diagnostics, data science, the Global South, and international trade. Other areas of interest include knowledge exchange activity and sharing best practice among professional support staff.


To facilitate collaboration in these areas, the University has established three York-Maastricht partnership funds: The York-Maastricht Staff Mobility Fund, the York-Maastricht Research and Knowledge Fund and the York-Maastricht Teaching and Staff Development Fund. More information on each of the funding opportunities can be found in the funding opportunities section below. 

Before Applying

Applying for a York-Maastricht Partnership fund is just one of the ways your proposed activity could be funded, please speak to Sabrina Zissler( as you develop your application. Depending on the focus of your proposed activity, you may be able to apply for one of the following types of funding:


The Erasmus+ programme aims to boost skills and employability and offers great opportunities for academic and administrative staff at Universities to teach or train elsewhere in Europe.

Staff mobility under the Erasmus+ Scheme is open to all staff employed by the University of York.  Staff can apply for Erasmus+ funding for teaching or training mobility that meets eligibility criteria by submitting a teaching or training programme to the Centre for Global Programmes before they undertake their mobility. Full information, including the application criteria can be found here.

Please note that research or conferences are not eligible for Erasmus+ funding.

Worldwide Universities Network’s Research Mobility Programme

York and Maastricht are both members of the Worldwide Universities Network. The Research Mobility Programme provides up to £2500 to fund visits between WUN members. More information can be found here.  Please note that this is an annual application process which (if it runs in 2018/19) will open in May 2018 with a deadline of 30 June, and covers visits in the 2018/19 academic year.  The RMP’s aim is to fund research, therefore it is only open to academic staff members and postgraduate research students.

Key Contacts at York

Sabrina Zissler
Global Partnerships Manager