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WUN members are engaged in a wide range of international and interdisciplinary research collaborations across the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Many of these collaborations focus on key global issues, such as environmental sustainability, cultural cooperation, and the development of new technologies. 

York academics are engaged in research collaborations with a number of WUN's partner universities. These Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRGs) have developed from seedcorn funding provided through WUN's Research Development FundYork academics currently lead the following IRGs:

WUN Global Challenge Areas

WUN research is divided thematically under the following four global challenge areas:

Professor Yongbing Xu, Academic Lead, Spintronics 

WUN+ Partners

The interdisciplinary research groups also work with experts from other universities and partners in the private sector known as WUN Plus partners (WUN +).  WUN + partners do not qualify for WUN funding, but they are named contributors and make a vital contribution to the WUN projects.

For more information on WUN Research, please see the WUN website, or contact Alice McLcukie in the Global Engagement team: