York Refugee and Asylum Seeker Scholarship 2022

Find out more about and apply for the York Refugee and Asylum Seeker Scholarship. Applications closed on 18 February 2022.

What the scholarship covers

The York Refugee and Asylum Seeker Scholarship covers the following:

  • programme fee (£2,275)
  • accommodation and catering fees (£750)
  • travel costs (up to £500, according to the University’s Travel and Expenses Policy)
  • pocket money (£100)


The York Refugee and Asylum Seeker Scholarship is open to secondary/high school students who are resident in the UK and have a Refugee or Asylum seeker status.

You qualify to apply for this scholarship if:

  • you are currently in secondary education
  • you have an asylum seeker or refugee immigration status in the UK
  • you meet our minimum recommended level of English language skills, ie CEFR B2, IELTS 5, TOEFL 44+ or Duolingo 75+ (no need for a language exam)
  • you can prove your academic motivation
  • this would be your first study experience at a UK higher education institution.

How to apply

In order to be considered for a scholarship, you have to submit an application for our programme first. As part of the programme application, we might invite you to a short interview before offering you a place.

Applications closed on 18 February 2022.

Prepare your application

As part of your application, we ask you to tell us about your academic motivation to join the programme. We are interested in reading about the following:

  • your general interest in higher education
  • your interest in studying in the UK and at the University of York
  • your specific interest in the academic option (subject) that you chose
  • your interest in the other components of the York Global Summer Schools programme
  • examples of your previous engagement with the subject that you chose

You can write up to 4,000 characters about it on the application form. We recommend that you write this in a word processor first and then copy it to the application form.

As part of your application, we also ask you to provide an official letter from your school supporting your application.

You have to ask an employee of your current school (eg a teacher, counsellor or principal) to complete the form below. They can fill it in using a computer, but they must sign and stamp it, before giving you a scanned copy to submit.

You will then need to upload this scanned copy of the school support letter as part of your scholarship application form.

 School support letter YRAS (PDF , 62kb)

You must complete our electronic scholarship application form.

We recommend that you only start filling it in after you have received the school support letter and written up your personal statement.

Submit your scholarship application

What happens after you apply

After the application deadline, we review all scholarship applications and evaluate them against the selection criteria.

If your application is among the top ones, we will invite you for a short interview to further discuss your application between 21 and 25 February 2022. Please make sure that you are available to talk to us on these days.

If you are invited for a scholarship interview, you will talk to two members of University of York staff via Zoom.

They will ask you about your motivation to join York Global Summer Schools. They might also ask you to give more details about other parts of your application.

The interview takes about 10 to 15 minutes and you will also get a chance to ask questions.

We will inform all candidates about the outcome of scholarship applications on or before 4 March 2022.

Successful candidates will then have until 11 March 2022 to decide if they would like to accept our offer.