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Sergio Paramo-Ortiz
PhD Student



Sergio is a PhD researcher interested in studying the diverse understandings of social enterprises and their social innovation compound. The first part of his PhD research focuses on identifying and explaining the institutional contexts of the different types of social enterprises present in Mexico. The second part focuses on explaining its social innovation compound. To do this, Sergio developed a conceptual framework of social innovation for social enterprises. This framework was used to explain the social innovation compound of two types of social enterprises identified in the field.

During his PhD studies, Sergio participated in the International Comparative Social Enterprise Models Project (coordinated by the EMES Network) as author of Chapter 6 of the book “Social Enterprise in Latin America”, published by Routledge in 2019.

Sergio is actively involved in the communication and organisation of pedagogical activities to advance the research on social enterprise. In 2020 he was elected as PhD Representative at the Board of the International Research Network on Social Enterprise (EMES Network). From this position, Sergio coordinates the organisation of a series of webinars on Social Enterprise and the EMES Junior Experts’ Blog (

Sergio´s PhD studies were fully funded by The National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico. He holds a master’s degree in Corporate Social Responsibility with Environmental Management from the University of York and a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

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Selected publications

  • Paramo-Ortiz, S. (2019) Ch.6 "Social Enterprise in Mexico: Origins, Models and Perspectives", in Gaiger, L.I., Nyssens, M., Wanderley, F. (Eds.) Social Enterprise in Latin America: Theory Models and Practice, New York: Routledge, pp. 169-191

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Mr Sergio Paramo-Ortiz
PhD Student
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