Murray Rudd
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Dr. Murray Rudd is a Senior Lecturer in environmental economics at the University of York. His research explores issues of when, where, and how to invest resources and craft policies to achieve ecological and socio-economic sustainability, enhance human well-being, and facilitate adaptation to environmental change. Much of his work is oriented towards the conservation of biological diversity in aquatic and marine realms. From a disciplinary perspective, he works at the intersection of public policy, economics, and ecology, with a focus on the science/policy interface. His doctorate (Wageningen) was in a joint program of rural policy & economics and the economics of consumers & households.


2011 Senior Lecturer University of York
2010 Lecturer University of York
2006 PhD Wageningen
1997 MSc UBC
1993 BSc (Agr) UBC



Research interests include: environmental policy and economics; sustainability; conservation science and policy; endangered species economics; quantitative and qualitative social science methodologies; web-based surveys; science-policy interface; coastal management; marine policy; and research impacts.


I am currently involved in a variety of international projects: Assessing the environmental costs and benefits of resource recovery approached for Nanomaterials in future waste streams; Too Big to Ignore – a global partnership for the future of small-scale fisheries; Developing an integrated framework to model resilience of the coupled human/natural environment in tropical coastal systems; and a global research prioritization exercise for chemical stressors in the environment.

Proposals currently in development or review include: Chain reactions: understanding, empowering and connecting producers and consumers in sustainable international food supply chains; Developing an approach to determining inland fisheries sustainability - providing food, culture and economic security for developed and developing countries; Determinants of successful crossdisciplinary research in support of environmental management; and Life in a Changing Ocean.



(1) Wiegand J. 2010. The ecosystem approach to environmental management. Environment Department, University of York (UK);

(2) Vecchiato, D. 2013. Valuing landscape preferences with perceptive and monetary approaches: two case studies in Italy.

In progress:

(3) Arijin MAM. Malaysian freshwater aquaculture economics;

(4) Al-Hayek, W. Coastal resource use, economics, and management in Jordan;

(5) Hejnowicz A. Integrative methods for evaluating the delivery of ecosystem services at the landscape level;

(6) Lawton R. How could social science research contribute to effective environmental decision-making and policy implementation in the UK?;

(7) Sutton, A. The role of local champions in successful fisheries co-management institutions;

(8) Wang X. Economics of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in the aquatic environment in China.



  • Economics of Environmental Policy (year 2)
  • Economic Policy and Valuation (year 3)
  • Economics and Governance of Freshwater Resources (year 3)


  • Environmental Valuation
  • Environmental Economics
  • Economics and Governance of Freshwater Resources (from 2012)
Rudd, Murray

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